Pantless Man Smokes Meth (Or Crack) On BART

Some old world San Francisco charm.

But some say gentrification is a bad thing… :thinking:

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Come on, I take the Muni every day and when I stay late at the office the Embarcadero Station becomes the Homeless Hilton in the late hour. And you see them sleeping in the stations in the morning while the Bart cops gather around and yuck it up as if nothing is going on. Do your freaking job and get these people out of the way of paying patrons!!!

That pantless guy paid his fare though. :smile:

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Seriously though we need more Asians in general and Chinese in particular voting in SF. As a group we are mostly centrist and don’t fall for either extreme.

But then there is Jane Kim… I take my comment back.

Yeah, and I’m 7’0", 260 and about to help the Warriors dominate down low next year…

Not exactly a positive news day for BART I am afraid…

Crap… Glad my son takes Caltrain. I hear it’s a bit more of a working crowd.

Sorry, @Terri. I am sure Caltrain is much better in that it is much harder I think to hop on without paying and you are right the crowd is def better.