Parents sue 30-year-old son to move out of house



Their son is a burden at 30 years old?
Wasn’t he cute when he was young, say, 1 year old?


No longer cute at 30 years old and not helping with money or chores. No utility at all.


How about as an intelligent pet?
A continuation of their bloodline?


Would you do that to your sons, hanera?


Did the son establish residency there? Lol

United states is weird where parents and sons sue each other.


My neighbors in Belmont 30 years ago had three 20 something dead beat sons who repaired cars in their driveway…A total blight on the neighborhood…They used to yell at their parents they would not move out…Total assholes…One day when the dad retired he bought a new motorhome…Put the house up for sale and the parents left…Those three brats were forced out…Takes effort these days to launch kids…They are coddled from birth…


I would probably fault the parents for not raising their kids right, but i dont have one myself so what do i know.


Society forces parents to raise them a certain way…When children can sue parents, I would say the law needs to be changed…Society needs to give rights back to parents
Children should obey their parents and the state should stay out of the way…


In China it is reversed. You can sue your adult children for not visiting enough.


Not the parents’ fault!


well most often it is. sometimes it is not.


Even my wife thinks her mother is a nightmare…Nobody should be forced to live or even see their adult kids or their parents…


Innocent until proven guilty is the way America’s system works.


Kids are beings of their own. Parents can do everything right and still end up with a jerk like this.


This is why I’m trying to get my kids to start businesses and work as…kids. (In fact, my 14yo just got his first job offer!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: )

Pretty crazy that we have to get to this point, but it encourages them to get used to the idea of having a job and working. I’ve also had to tell them that at 18 I get to kick them out of the house, so that they don’t get the idea that they can stick around later in life without having to pull their weight. If they get it through their head that staying around has requirements (like rent or chores), then I’m less likely to end up in this situation.

Truth is that I’d love to have them around longer if they’re treating us well, but it’s gotta be on my terms and for mutual benefit–like they’re working and we’re helping them save the rent for a house. I’m happy to treat them like adults and they get to come and go as they please, but they have to act like adults too.


Very good! :smile:


One of my co-workers helped his kids start a pet sitting business. It started as a way to push off the kids asking for a dog. They walk, feed, etc the neighbors pets when they go on vacation.


To Yoda’s point, offsprings are even lowlier than pets. That’s pretty sad.