Parking Has Eaten American Cities

What we need is vertical parking, or parking structures. Flat parking lots are waste of space.
Something like this

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Less cars is the solution. Raise car registration fee to $10k a year and make car a luxury in dense cities.

We can still allow Wyoming people to drive,
But people in SF and NYC should live without a car. You are allowed to own a car in SF if you can afford 10k donation to DMV every year

not doing that until autonomous cars happen and lyft/uber rides cost a bit of depreciation + gas + some profit without human cost.

No need to go to wyoming. there’s a reason why i live in the burbs.

Power to burbs. But no to veritical parking. When you need a vertical parking structure, you are paying too little car registration. Need to raise car registration by 50x.

Please pass my tip to Jane Kim before she retires early