Pay off student loan or invest?

First time posting here!

If I have $20k, should I pay off my student loan (balance $16k, 6% interest) or buy an investment property?
I live in Los Angeles and would be looking to invest locally.

Thank you in advance!

Do you own a primary home yet? Start with a primary before you do investment property. I’m not sure you could get an investment property loan without a lot more money for down payment. They usually want 20%+ down, 6 months of reserves, etc.

I do not own a home yet, so was hoping I can apply for an FHA loan.
Or find a home that may be open to seller financing?

What’s your income? That student debt is small relatively speaking and interest rate is not that low. You should pay it off and focus on increasing your salary. Then buy and keep buying.

FHA is doable if you’re going to live in the home. It may not work in a hot market. There’s appraisal and inspection. Sellers will turn down a FHA offer if they have one with conventional financing or cash.

my income is $40k but my husband makes $70k

thank you for your input.

that makes sense… thank you!

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If you guys are buying together, then that income is pretty good for starting out. I graduated in 2011 and paid off my 20k student loan that year. Next year I bought my first property in 2012 with 55k income.

Obviously prices have gone up since then but you have options.