Pending After One Day

This area is shaping up to be a mini Sunset, with more sun to boot.

See, this is kind of like my dilemma. I could buy something like this (if I beat everyone else to it) for nearly that pricing or at 1M but I feel it is not worth it for the area at least for now. Frankly, after your story about Google and San Jose I am starting to wonder do I focus on buying down there now instead? My Big Bro wants to go in a duplex, why not do it down there?

Seems like you have more money than ways to spend it… Sad! :slight_smile:

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Well, good deals in the past is causing me to not want to overspend one red cent so nothing is happening right now. I would like to do one or two more deals before cashing in and I want my record of buying only private/pocket listings to be perfect. I will not bid on the open market against the herd. That is for suckers.