People are Moving from Bay Area to Sacramento


The next 4 years is key for Gavin. He needs to build a resume that appeases more than the liberals. It is not going to be easy, but after the Trump experience, I think he has a legitimate shot. Just look at his family profile, a marketing dream for the WH.


Then he is not a candidate for 2020. Who is?
Warren Hillary Sanders Beto Harris Booker Biden and the other 7 dwarfs?


What’s his family profile anyway?


Poor kid given money by the Getty’s. Given a free ride. A fraud skating along with his good looks and charm.


I posted this awhile ago. If I remember correctly, his wife’s family is fairly well to do.


Here is the new potential government mansion.

Our could be a whorehouse. Near my farm

Carpet in the kitchen … Hot tub time machine 80s nightmare. Disco with lighted floor


Thanks for that pic of the living room. I will use it as reference as I plan to remove my attic in my SB home and put in skylights just like that. Even the San Mateo assessor whom I walked through last Monday thought my family room was huge.


Do you like the built in park bench seats. The chandelier or the lighted floors too:sunglasses:


Well, my wife does plan to have her girlfriends over for Zumba parties…


Move to Shingle Springs.
Meet me at PoorReds bbq . Drink golden Cadillacs while the girls Zumba
The most famous bar in Eldorado County building was built in 1850


Sounds good, 4 solid stars…


man i dislike spanish style…


With disco and carpet in the kitchen.


The pulled pork sandwich is a bargain for $9.95. Well drinks $5. Filet Mignon $19.95 Always a line out the door




Old news I started investing in Sacramento in 1999


Unfortunately im still working and we have relatively small team in San Mateo (20 ppl)
Out of 20 ppl 5 moving to Sac area (within 4 months) . Some of them loosing up to 10% salary and one of them gets +5% salary increase.

I would move also but i can’t function in Sac’s heat…


If your team is representive, Bay Area would be in serious trouble. I guess they moved to Sacramento to buy a home, right?


3 of them bought, 1 in contract and 1 looking for a house.
And 2 out of 3 (who bought) bought a brand new houses…