Pergola/patio roof

I want a covered pergola like structure for my backyard. The dimensions would be roughly 16 feet by 20 feet. Most of this area already has a concrete base. I have the following quotes from my handyman (material+delivery+labor+painting inclusive). Note handyman is pretty good with woodworking and has reframed parts of my garage roof.

  1. 4000$ - For this quote, I get 6 - 6x6x10 posts and 10 - 2x6 roof rafters in the pergola. I get a roof that might have lattice/pvc roof panels. This quote does not include a real roof.

  2. 6000$ - This would be a proper roof with shingles

Questions/thoughts: @Elt1 or anyone else with experience

  1. How easy is it for me to source some of the lumber from a local lumber yard myself? I’d prefer something naturally resistant like red cedar over pressure treated wood. Can’t do redwood as it would be too expensive.

  2. I’ve tried looking for a finished pergola that the handyman could install for much lesser but not seeing anything in the 300sq ft range <2500$. Is installing a finished pergola a better option though?

  3. Another option is a fully enclosed sunroom for 16x20 feet. But this is too expensive and I’m very hesitant to get into this.

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Red Cedar is expensive and will turn black. Lateral bracing is needed. A permit is required. Foundation issues should be considered. Especially with a full roof. The wind can literally lift it off the foundation.

Uplift forces can be up to 45psf.


Here is the bracing issue .
The other issue is the joists
2x joists wil warp and twist if exposed to weather. Use 4x4 min for joists

The most elegant solution is
6x6 steel posts embedded into the ground 4’. If wood I would use 8 x8 pt posts. Note… embedded posts help solve the uplift issue also. The airplane wing affect is a powerful force

I have also used hollow plastic columns filled with concrete and rebar.

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Cheap pergolas …get 2 less than $500|G|Base|D28I|28-26_PATIO+FURNITURE|NA|PLA|Hampton-Bay|Fixed|71700000041090945|58700004390909260|92700037073776651&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIg9u5_6rI4AIV2CCtBh2l_grgEAQYDiABEgLpffD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

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Thanks @Elt1.
The stackexchange post on stability was useful as was the rest of the information you shared!
Not sure I want those cheap HD pergolas. Prefer something with wood.
I had not however thought of 6x6 steel/aluminum posts. That seems like a good alternative but expensive.
Thanks for the joists tip too.

Last week, put the following DIY retractable canopy. One option for the roof, and may influence your design.

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In deciding between a pre-made or custom-built pergola for a backyard, budget and long-term maintenance should be considered. Pre-made pergolas are typically made of lighter materials and are easier to install, but may not be as durable. Custom-built pergolas can be designed to specific requirements and are made of heavier, more durable materials, but may be more expensive upfront. Obtaining quotes from multiple contractors can help to determine the best balance of cost and desired features.

Have you consider Alluminum wood type?