Political Discussion on Forum

I noticed there is quite a bit of political discussion here on forum. Usually it involves a small number of members. That’s perfectly fine.

But some of you may get tired of it. I have created a new category “Politics”. Members who want to create new threads on political topics please label the thread in that category.

There is a feature on this site that allows members to mute certain categories. If you are tired of political debates you can mute the Politics category and you won’t see these topics again:


Great! Now, can you spilt a thread apart so that when it suddenly turns into a rant against current past and not-ever elected presidents, that the rant and it’s followup get dumped into the politics thread?

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Forcefully splitting threads can be messy. Maybe people can sound their disapproval and shame the political people into taking their discussion else where?

Members can also flag posts with questionable content. Currently any posts with 3 or more flags are automatically hidden. I have never seen posts reaching that threshold though.

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Is flagging anonymous? I guess people are generous with likes but are scared to flag

I think flags are anoymous but not 100% sure. :wink:

@manch can you see that I flagged your last post? Maybe that’s a bad test since you’re an admin.

Flagged @BAGB

I’ve bolded the highly probable answer for you. i.e. currently only @manch can see flagged posts .

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I got notified of all flagged posts. So I logged out and go back to this thread I didn’t see any posts being flagged. So I think flagging is indeed anonymous, which makes sense.

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I can’t see any flag on manch’s post, nor mine. This might make people to flag the same post multiple times since they are not sure whether the flagging is done

I don’t think one can flag the same post multiple times.

You can only flag it once. If you try to flag again, then you’ll get a popup to either notify staff or private message the person.