Poll: vote for our bay area holiday summit dinner site 2017

Ouch. That’s a far cry from east lake… :rofl:

Well, some times you go in thinking Pac Heights…and you end up with Bayview…oops (sorry, you Bayviewers, my bad) :grinning:


Nobody likes Chuck E Cheese? What’s wrong with you guys???

How about Dave & Buster’s? But they only have Daly City and Smellpitas…

I still say a buffet that is convenient to everyone is best. You eat what you want and if the party is large enough we should be able to hang out for awhile for party games. Is there a buffet somewhere in the peninsula? That old one in Foster City next to the ice rink (closed now) would have been perfect.

I think we can also reserve a private room or at least a large table at Dave & Busters in Milpitas. My ex-companies Apple and PayPal did that many times over…

So much headache…just go to Dragon Beaux for dim sum lunch and call it a day.

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I was thinking about adding Korean BBQ or Brazilian Steakhouse to the equation…

Guys and Gals, there seems to be a quite a few Korean BBQ places in Santa Clara. Any recommendations on one that is AYCE and probably could accommodate a large party?

Another possibility is that we do TWO events/dinners, one closer to SF and another closer to the South Bay. I will be at both since I have to eat anyway during my Dark (No Wife) Period, but if you can’t make one date or location maybe you can do the other. Otherwise, fuuuugetaboutit, until we do a Chinese New Year gig…:grinning:

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Wait!!! You have to be accountable here. You cannot try to organize something and then diverge into something uneventful… stick to a plan!

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??? I am seeing the poll numbers and the peninsula voters are taking nearly half of the votes, so I am reaching out for suggestions perhaps more down that way. I really believe a buffet type of meal is best, if it is one priced, and you can eat whatever you want to there. You can’t please everyone. My guy friends come up from San Jose, wherever, to meet up at Kome or Moonstar and it ain’t an issue if planned ahead of time. And if we do get upwards of 20 to 30 folks, an AYCE place should be able to corner off some tables for our party. But, let’s be honest, some folks will end up having a conflict during this busy holiday month and so an option of two dates in the locations that make it easier for them maybe makes sense. I don’t know about our Fearless Leader but two dates just knocks off two days of wifeless food for me…:grinning:

God, do I have to call my 2 wedding planners to come out of retirement???

Total democracy can turn into nothing happening. Better balance democracy with smart administration, collect a lot of input and select a good plan based on your judgement. No need to be perfect and no need to please everyone.

If half people voted for something, it’s easy to just follow the crowd’s opinion

@BAGB, if you are planning to attend where would you like it to be???

Okay not to complicate this even further but my friend just told me about this place in Daly City with AYCE hot pot that can accommodate a large group in a karaoke room. Now, whether we want to hear each other screech during the first meeting is another story…


Just one event. We get together once in 10 years, we can all try to make it.

Daly City works for me.

Is Saturday better for people so they have time to get there?

Voting shows a strong preference for peninsula so I would go with the majority.

We can pick a place with easy parking, good to decent food, a place which is not too noisy so we can hear each other. If needed, we can select 2 options with a plan A and a plan B. Plan B could be secretly planned to avoid too much distraction. Only worry about the first meeting with attendance. Better to have a big crowd than anything exotic. Following meetings can be planned later with different themes and probably attract a smaller crowd

Can’t wait to see @sfdragonboy best impression of N’Sync.

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I think most of us are old enough our metabolism has slowed down and we can’t make AYCE cost-effective… :smiley:

That is a fair comment, but the positives include easy tab dividing (one price), parking will probably be available, there would be a variety of food to satisfy most folks and we can probably linger and chat/play games without being rushed out if our party size is large. I am more concerned about those things than honestly food quality (as long as decent) or whether we get our money’s worth. Remember, December is a busy holiday party month too.

Just plan one without thinking too much. Whoever can make it will show up!

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That will be the plan eventually but feedback is welcomed at this stage…