Poll: vote for our bay area holiday summit dinner site 2017

Ok, RealEstateForums.net’s first ever holiday celebration!!! Yeah, let’s finally do this!!!

What: Casual Holiday Dinner To Finally Put A Face With Some Of The Folks On Here.
When: December 11 through December 30th, 2017
Where: You vote for it below!!! No electoral college baby!!! Most votes wins!!! No Russian shenanigans too ok, one vote per person!!!
Extras: Bring a wrapped gift of approximately $20 (bring receipt, you will be audited) or more if you are feeling generous that has to have something to do with Real Estate. You spin the story, but it has to be real estate related. Bring something that can be returned if necessary since I know some of you have warped sense of humors. We will be stealing gifts from each other, oh yes, nothing more Ho Ho Ho than that, right!!!

Ok, here goes…let’s pick our venue site and maybe food of choice first. How about we keep the poll through Thanksiving or so? Now, be mindful that we have to pick a spot that would probably allow us to hang out after dinner to chat and for our Stealing Santa game. Uh, Gary Danko, probably is not a good place…

  • Fab 7x7 - Chinese Food
  • Fab 7x7 - Non Chinese Food
  • San Jose - Chinese Food (East Lake)
  • Buffet - Anywhere in Bay Area, just name it
  • Buffet - Moonstar
  • Buffet - Kome
  • Peninsula (San Mateo to Palo Alto)
  • No Preference at all, I just want in
  • Denny’s

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Are you sure @manch is not hacking the poll? How can Denny’s be leading…

Actually I didn’t vote for Denny’s… :smile:

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I like Kome…My birthday is 12/18…I get to eat free that day…lol


Palo Alto please

Unfortunately, Denny’s is beloved by many folks other than our Fearless Leader…

Hey, sometimes you crave breakfast food at dinner time!!!

I dunno. Denny’s used to be a treat, but the last time i went, my son didn’t finish his steak (unheard of), and I was feeling queasy afterwards.

Can gifts be something you’d use to decorate real estate? Like a painting or clock or something?

Gosh, @Terri, although a valid question (which we can certainly address later) but let’s just concern ourselves with this “election”… we are reliving Trump vs Hillary right here, baby… (Come on, not Denny’s…really people???)

Just asking… I need a month’s lead time to make you guys something special :slight_smile:

Honestly, my preference would be somewhere parkable. Getting into SF is a nightmare for me honestly.

Hrm. I suppose depending on the day, I might already be in SF (but then I’d be at another Christmas party).

Absolutely, parking is key so peninsula, San Jose and any Denny’s in the Northern Hemisphere should do nicely…

OMG, (practicing)…yeah, give me the Grand Slam Breakfast…and throw in a side of hash browns since we are living large this holiday season…(unbelievable, I now know how Trump and Hillary felt that fateful night as the return results came in…)

If you actually end up getting 20+ people, you might want to look for a place with a private room (not one we have to pay for explicitly, but if there’s a room or a section we can have to ourselves, that might be a good choice for a place).

At this point, we may need to consider HP Pavilion…

OMG, created a monster… a fun, holiday monster

Maybe…we just take over a bar and have light eats and drink??? Then, we could literally hang out without any issues. Perhaps we should consider that. Maybe I add that to our poll…

Ok, can’t change the poll now without His Majesty’s intervention… I suppose it would be like adding I don’t know Mark Z to the choices of The Donald and Hillary mid-stream…

Help, @manch!!! I want to add a poll choice of “Light Eats and Drinks At A Bar Convenient To All” Thanks!!!

Light eats and drinks??? No no no, I want delicious exotic expensive food. Foie gras and shark fin especially welcome… Come on people don’t be cheap, we are only splitting the bill here. :rofl:

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Hello??? Uh, Denny’s is about to pull a Donald… I suggest you call your Russian relatives to stuff the ballot boxes if you want foie gras and shark fin…:grinning:

Want to rig the poll huh? Sorry, even I was not allowed to do that… :sweat_smile: you need to ask the Russians…

Last resort: Chuck E Cheese !!! Nothing is more American than cardboard pizza. :smile:

Well, this is the first go around…we got time and can refine as we see fit with a final Poll. Well, gang, what do you guys think about commandeering a local dive bar (if there is such a mammal in SV or wherever) and we have at it there???