Predictions by Our Favorite Professor

Let’s see if his predictions will turn out correct:

Prediction: Jeff Bezos throws out the first pitch at an upcoming Washington Nationals game, as he will soon be the local boy — HQ2 will be in the DC metro.

Prediction: Facebook will be up 30–50% from April’s lows within 12 months as the multiple contraction, due to threat of regulation, has created a tightly wound spring that will explode.

Prediction: The walking dead, Snap melts to single digits and is acquired in the next 12 months.

Prediction: Tesla stock drops 30–50% in the next 12 months as markets realize it’s a great auto company, not a tech firm.

He also predicted Amazon will be the first 1T company.

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I agree with his predictions on Facebook and Amazon, but not sure about Tesla and Snap. It’s tough betting stocks going down. People are a lot more irrational for a lot longer than sane people have money. Tesla should have gone down in flames already but still Musk has a large cult following.

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Those are certainly specific compared to most predictions. He seems to have good reasoning behind them. I’m not sure on SNAP getting acquired. Why buy it? No one was bought twitter.

Snap founder might give into facebook, even though I assume at this point zuck would have no interest.

Snap has potential. Not many internet properties have 100m users. With the right management I think you can make something out of snap.

I hope google does NOT acquire them.

Now that you mention it google is the most likely acquirer.

That’s why I hope GOOGLE DOES NOT. I wish differently for Twitter - google acqusition might have been interesting, but I personally do not want snap…

Prediction: Spotify stock doubles in the next 12–24 months.

I’m in!!! :scream: