Predictions for Sunnyvale, Cupertino


Yes, they are one of the best locations of Campbell.
All the three are good and Capri is too good.

But 85 HWY is tight bumper-bumper traffic towards north morning hours, you need to have EV cars for carpool (but carpool also tight towards traffic) !


If they are such a good buy why are they listed for so long?


Properties listed for a long time without buyers back in 2011. Were they a good buy back then?


I will check the Reed Ave SFH tomorrow to check the road noise. It’s very central in Sunnyvale. Close to main arteries (Wolfe, Lawrence) to go either way (101, 280). Large lot may be because of frontal offset and may be useless for future expansion.


Looks like Very busy road from streetview :confused:


What I mean is good locations and good size lots. The home are not in good conditions for many primary seekers or first time owner, except for builders.

If they are not in open house mode, they would have received bid, many rounds of negotiations would be going on behind the scene.


rounds of negotiations usually take a day, or two. not weeks.


I know this Reed ave, this is traffic road. Sundays, you may not know the traffic, but you need to watch it between 7AM and 9AM Monday. I would not prefer such roads.



Good Assumption ! The only way to know is just go with your bid…


CAMPBELL price reduced


Home at T Junction, less preferable…


The weak rental started around this time last year, bottomed in Jan this year. It has since recovered. Wonder what causes the weakness last year.


why is Redfin estimate lower than the list price?


I’m not quite familiar with this area so don’t have an answer on this particular property.

In general Redfin pricing algorithms are not perfect. They do not generally have a feel of the quality of the property & also positives or negatives for e.g. in front of elementary school is a negative& Redfin pricing estimate might not reflect that & tend to overshoot or undershoot on pricing.


They grew too fast and exceeded the price/convenience ratio.


The more I am reviewing SFH in Santa Clara the more I am realizing how hot Peninsula RE is compared to the Santa Clara RE. Peninsula RE is in its own orbit, disconnected from the push and pulls of the valley…


Redfin and Zillow are never accurate for markets moving up…I would never base my valuation on Redfin/Zillow. Can be used as a baseline, but not as gospel.


Massive price cut:,land_type/54626_rid/37.476356,-121.87975,37.318161,-122.168828_rect/X1-SS-czzoygojbgmt_963mm_sse/19520040_zpid/


This house backs up to a school and is right in the path of school drop off queue. You won’t be able to get in or out of the house in the mornings and afternoons.


This is high traffic location, ignore such homes.