Predictions for Sunnyvale, Cupertino


9 days later, 12 homes available for sale.
1 new. 11 previous. So 1 out of previous 12 available are sold or delisted over the last 9 days.
Has the market quiet down?

1082 Plymouth Dr 3/1/1 1154/6000 $1.71M May 03, 2017
1059 Plymouth Dr 5/2/1 1435/6000 $1.78M Oct 12, 2017
1062 Plymouth Dr 2/1/1 0848/6034 $2.00M Feb 20, 2018
1074 Plymouth Dr 3/2/1 1680/6000 $2.21M Mar 29, 2018
1118 Plymouth Dr 3/1.75/1 1433/6206 $1.888,888 Pending
1137 Plymouth Dr 4/3.5/1 2300/6000 $2.35M Active for 25 days


8 out of 12 listings are over 25 days. Not good.

At this speed of 1 sale every 9 days, there’s a 108 day inventory.


Sunnyvale does not lead the market. OPTs and flawed properties will get cleared eventually.


Price drops and rises follow different leads, i hear drops start at places that are much less desirable. Also hanera is looking jnto places that are in desirable parts of sunnyvale.

It does not lead the market but last year appreciated faster than anywhere else :slight_smile:


I can see a softening in Sunnyvale.

look @ selling price of this price vs redfin estimate , anything is wrong with this home ?.

look at the selling price


I don’t think redfin estimate is useful to make that conclusion, but yes, i think there’s softening in svl.


Good time to buy before it heats up again very soon.


If stock market were up to your excitement sp500 would be @10000 - 4x from what it is now :slight_smile:


No need to get personal. I’m only providing useful guidance for you to become rich. :slight_smile:


What’s OPT?


Sunnyvale definitely is slowing down. Sellers are not getting what they expect. This one just sold for less than asking, comps are close to 2M.

This home is sitting on the market for 60+ days. Wonder whats wrong with it.


Over priced turkey. It’s from / jim the realtor fame.

It seems as if Sunnyvale overshot or these are flawed properties and the market is less forgiving. I thought it was starting to cost more and make Mountain View and Los Altos look like a value buy when they shouldn’t be.


Optimum function.
Opt(i) = cj + Opt(i-1)


You are retired but you teach Statistics parttime at De Anza College?


Dynamic programming is taught under the optimization course in engineering.


Just did a search for single family home data in Sunnyvale. In the last one month 60 homes got sold. Right now the inventory is 41 homes. That’s less than a month’s inventory. Not sure where you are getting your data from.

@hanera, what are your search filters for Sunnyvale? Are you restricting to a specific zip codes? I looked at whole of Sunnyvale.


Homestead High School zone.


There are some good bang/$ in Los Altos with Homestead HIgh.


No bidding war, first come first serve!


HOA $448. No thanks. These are brand new right? How come they are selling less than the resale townhomes(across the other side of 101)