Predictions for Sunnyvale, Cupertino


Have you ever lived in duplex?
I have lived in one before and it was very inconvenient.
People who are willing to pay 2M+ want benefit with SFH (such as privacy and nice backyard to themselves).
I would rather live in condo than multi-fam.
Because of this, i guess there is not enough demand for MFH and hence slower appreciation in spite of better cash flow.
I think it is wealthy primary home buyers who drive BA real estate market.


You can build a one story sfr on a 2 home zoning. you can’t do multi fam on an SFR zoning - that’s the difference.


Probate sale. So probably fewer takers. I am in if people want to form a pool of buyers


Even so, i would pass MFR zoning area.
My neighbor illegally converted their SFH into duplex and rent half of their house. I haven’t complained but none of us (neighbors) are happy with it. Street parking in front of others’ house (which is perfectlt legal but crowded street parking is not desirable) and more noise near side yard since their tenants’ front door is actually their side door. I am planning to reinstall higher fence to have better privacy.
Based on my experience, MFR zoning area is not desirable… Maybe, it’s just me.



i am curious how this will play out :slight_smile:


This is the opposite of a wealthy neighborhood


Nearby homes are selling for 2.5?


A year ago, everyone on that street worked as a gardener, cleaner, unlicensed handyman.
The PC term is “100% ESL”

We bought in summer 2013… listed for 495k, won bidding war at 605k. We overpaid for a tear down. SFR less than 10 years old (like new) was selling for 920k at that time. Now new carpet and paint sells for 2.5m? Same schools etc?

I don’t mind!


Ah you are talking about duane? this is ehat we were talking.


My initial comment was about the duplex on Bayview. Not a good neighborhood.

The Havre one is a better location.


Whoa my bad, i think jane was indeed talking about bayview - nevermind :slight_smile:


Wow. Even vacant lots sell over asking. Listed 1100k, closed at 1300k.

I remember I bought a vacant lot 3 blocks west from there (better location) for 344k (in April 2010), built a new 2100+ sqft house and sold it for 978k in 05/2011 ( )

Yes, Homestead high school… sold 978k then

Maybe my banker is right as he always talks about price bubble when we discuss financing my Sunnyvale properties.


try… tries not to cry… cries a lot.


Right time period to compare prices to is from 2006 & not 2008-2012/13.




Because low to high gives an unreasonably high return.
High to high gives a more normal return.


The owner finally put a price they are comfortablewith after 53 days!


Price cut.,land_type/54626_rid/37.476356,-121.87975,37.318161,-122.168828_rect/X1-SS-czzoygojbgmt_963mm_sse/19539985_zpid/


Anyone here wants to fix this for us if we buy it?


@Ironduke Count me in. I will charge 40% of the remodel cost…lol