Predictions for Sunnyvale, Cupertino



These are on a tiny surfae area, not sure about the ones you are refering to. It might also be that the builder is scared of soft market that’s going on now?


Very similar townhome community, relatively new 10 year old


lot sizes are very different 500 vs 1000 ish. maybe that?


new townhomes have zero yard space anyway, does it matter what is the lot size on paper?


Wouldn’t it feel packed in each floor vs a bit more spacious?


Price cut!


Realtor speak. Price improvement. They don’t like the word cut…lol


1350k for a livable 4br house… sounds like a good deal. I just this morning got a refinance appraisal for a tear down 1 street over (Morse)…ours is a 2/1, appraised 1200k.

Maybe this is a turning point if they had to drop the price.


This is duplex.


I just realized that tomato is the only person who is excited about price cuts now :rofl:


Anyone should feel excited when they are still young, regardless of if they have a house or not. Unless the drop is detroit-esque. It helps accumulate more assets.


When you want to accumulate, you wish price is declining.
When you want to liquidate, you wish price is appreciating.


Makes it even better! 2 for the price of one.

Listing history shows listed as “shortsale” on EBRD???


I am not sure it was joke but multi-fam is not as popular as SFH in BA especially in wealthy neighborhood. Isn’t it?


Does it matter if you are buying it as rental? Two units reduces the vacancy, and has a premium. Two houses in one lot would rent for more than a single house on the same lot.


I didn’t look at multi-fam because my main interest was not cash flow but long term appreciation.
Not sure multi-fam appreciation is as good as SFH.


It will be - especially if you think about depreciation - after some time all houses approach to land value, and multi fam zoning is more valuable -i think.


This is not selling - why?


This property is being offered for sale through The Santa Clara County Public Guardian Administrator’s office. Buying a “probate” is a little bit different but it is not complicated, so do not let the procedures scare you away from a terrific buy. This home has tremendous opportunity. Stunning location and close to award winning schools and Apple. Everyone wants the best buy! This is it. The diamond in the rough. Dont let the current look of the home stop you from making a buy of a lifetime. This is a must see home and location.

Jil, wuqijun, …

Potential to pool $ to rebuild? Need to move fast, pretty sure ptiemann would move in to grab it.


Does it have to be bought cash?
The nearby homes are selling for 2.5M.