Price Estimates - Menlo Park edition

#21 this looks like a comparable home?


Ok I took a look at this again:
This home is couple blocks behind:

Similar square footage, one room less.

Larger home, sold for less.
So price seem to be about right, given january jump, maybe a little on the lower side.



3.8M renovated town house.

#24 tells a different story.


Never sell a house on the same street at the same time. one is probably taking attention from the other.


Disagree .2 houses get twice the exposure.


I have seen it happen twice so far, the other was in palo alto, channing. Same lot same size house, one was slightly remodeled and larger, the other was original.

The diff between the two is certainly not 800k worth.


431 central is contingent.


I’m definitely in support for #1 and reject #2.

How about Woodside? Is that too far to commute?


Too far, but the main thing was houses were too far from each other for her. She is a social bee, she likes to see people around.


Potentially nice profit.


Just remember MP ain’t PA. Potential for future returns is higher in PA.


Yea, but i have seen 10ksqft selling for 6-7m on 10ksqft lot?


You guys want one of the townhouse complexes along 280 that are adjacent to hiking trails…


PRice drop in the willows:


Looks like driveway is shared with a few others. Ppl are still picky on sharing things.


hah i apparently never checked that. that house looks terrible, but price seems about right - a bit larger homes in a similar area sells for 2.6


Finally this goes pending:


A lot for $3.2m…$7m for a new house??


maybe not next to valparaiso, but what’s your guess on the sale price? it’s huge lot.