Price Estimates - Menlo Park edition




Where’s your estimate?

Shot in the dark - $2M at most. Some 4 or 5-plex got sold at $1.7-1.8M range recently. This one is in a really bad location (next to freeway and hospital, too close to EPA), not to mention the unlucky house number. Will not appeal to East Asian buyers.


looks like price did not update on this one.


This is not menlo park proper(maybe almost EPA), but i thought it was interesting:,land_type/37.478161,-122.113553,37.421605,-122.192259_rect/X1-SS1o3cmparjnqbv_aroxz_sse/15569172_zpid/

check 08 price and today’s price.


Beautiful home: will probably go for 3.6-7.

the only thing that looks weird is what seems to be the single room second floor (probably master suite).


It feels like menlo park is not moving:


Might be the price range? I bet 2-3M range is doing alright!



This will sell.

Probably tear down, did not sell.

This might sell:

Hard to gauge MP homes. agents usually hold 2 week openhouses.

#9 back on market.


I wouldn’t mind that house for half the price!


Tomato, get out there and bid if prices are falling!


I wont lie. I wanted to buy johnson at mp. 0.4acre land. Was turned off because of the time it takes to build and noise, and its price of course.

Mp is also far for wife.


She needs to be considerate of your needs.


My need to have a yard that i can go on hiking, and my stupid desire to build my own home? Second one maybe, first one she doesnt care :slight_smile:


Low priced non-selling home?

Not sure why this is not selling. Willow home. ok sized lot (for most).

Unless the listing agent is fantasizing about 3 week openhouse.


Willow has a lot of crime. Tiny shack

This is way better



Also willow looks nice, and close to pa. Did not sound bad? I see nice houses when i drive by. I wouldn’t have guessed that.


Too close to EPA


@tomato What do you think of this sale price?


More or less the price i would not have expected. Normally would have expected more, but this seems all cash, and house have some weird layout going for it. 6ksqft lot is also kind of tiny.