Price Estimates - Palo Alto edition

I have seen the listing a year or two back at about 7m$, and it stayed on market for quite a long time and did not sell. Now it had a huge price cut and came back to market. I went to see the place to appreciate a colonial, and i was not disappointed. The remodel was nicely done. Basement was small but who cares. She is a beauty.

The only problem was a lot of noise from university avenue, which is probably why it didnt sell at that price tag initially. About a year and tens of percents of appreciation later, i am curious what it will sell for.

Price guesses? @Elt1

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Offer $4m and see what happens. Some people don’t care about a busy noisey Street, most do

Too low. The guy bought it for 3.3 years ago.

He bought in the wrong location and will pay for his mistake

It should get over ask. Maybe 5.5? Depends what the remodel job was. The front fence doesn’t exactly scream high quality or stately residence.

You’ll get best bang for your buck with this one:

The problem isn’t just street noise. It’s proximity to EPA. There’s been a massive increase in robbery and petty theft in that part of Palo Alto.


Umm, it’s university avenue man! all mansions and stuff. It’s like a display for everyone :slight_smile:

I felt interior was very nice, but i am not an expert. The only reason i went there is to appreciate a colonial (first time i have been in a colonial open house), and i got what i wanted :slight_smile:

I know people that live in that area. Theft is a huge problem. It being closer to 101 and EPA definitely impacts the price of this property.

So which area of PA is a hidden gem sort of? Good quality neighborhood but price is not outrageously high? Oxymoron? :smile:

The best part is i think forest & hamilton.
There are upcoming areas that i know, but they are still expensive.

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For sure. Pay up if you want something nice.

They are parallel streets…

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yes, but much quieter, and nicer. further from 101 are the best areas.
I also like midtown/old palo alto.

upcoming areas are the ones closer to mv.

Time to snag one for yourself @tomato. You know you want to.

He is too picky. I started looking 3 weeks ago and I’m already in contact for 2 (one in South Bay and one in peninsula)… I buy indiscriminately… :rofl:

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not a palo alto fan - i like larger lots then small tiny ones (not that i can afford anyway).

You have plenty of gunpowder so you can pull the trigger at any time, but at this rate I might buy my second house before you buy your first and I am only working with limited funds…I understand that you want to be careful with your first purchase but indecisiveness is never good in RE.

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I also have limited funds. Indecisiveness already costed me 20-40% appreciation, so i know why it’s bad.