Price History 1990-2018

This Santa Clara condo’s price history shows the bubble inflated, popped and reflated perfectly.



1991: 167,500
2001: 359,000
2005: 460,000
2007: 549,000
2009: 215,500 (!!)
2016: 585,000
2018: 780,000 (!!!)



2023: 1M
2030: 1.5M


This kind of increases are scary as it exactly happened in year 2006-2008

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That 2009 period was when my Tracie used her home equity money and bought a few condos in Hayward way cheaply when others couldn’t get loans due to some issues with HOA or something like that. Made out huge…

Don’t worry, this time it’s different.

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That is why I am not taking cash out refinance from the fully paid homes using 30 year fixed mortgage.

Yes, is a different group of people :slight_smile: who would have to sell their houses cheap :rofl:

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Was he telling seriously? I thought he is joking !!

That is not a great part of Santa Clara. There’s a 7-11right there oh Lafayette. Next to it are a bunch of sketchy looking apartments that aren’t maintained very well.

Correct. And yet that part of Santa Clara is now selling at 600$/sq ft.


yeah, it was sarcasm.

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Just drawn a chart


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This home went into pending in 3 days before this weekend open house. Looks like attractive offer was submitted/accepted !! The appreciation is almost like the above.

Everywhere market is crazy. I almost failed more than 4 homes.

S&P 500

Jan 1 1991: 325.49
Jan 1 2018: 2683.73


The SC condo only managed 4.66x.

how about considering leverage?

Exercise left to readers. Also I didn’t include dividend in S&P.

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Real estate is lower, like bonds, than stocks. BA growth rate is appx 5% - 7% YOY (with all Ups and Downs).

Is rental yield higher than sp500 dividend yield?

Assume sp500 yield at 1.8% and BA rent yield appx 3%, still stocks are greater than real estate

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