Price On Fire Ravaged San Jose Home Shocks The Country

Why the outcry???:grinning:

Lot = 5850 sqft => $136.50/ sqft.
Not familiar with Willow Glen, so no idea whether is reasonable or not.

Willow Glen is one of the better neighborhoods in San Jose.


WG is nicer part, but this is on a busy corridor so not such a great deal. If it was one street inward east or west I’d be interested.

Buy buy buy!!!

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Barr says she already has 10 people interested and the home hasn’t even officially gone on the MLS.


Bird Avenue is high traffic road,homes less desirable on this road.

Who cares? Fire sale!!!


Never understabd the appeal of willow glen. Schools there suck, right? And its “downtown” is so puny it’s literally just one block long.


Elementary schools are good I think. HS not so much.

I never understood it either. Also, traffic to get onto 280 is terrible, then once you’re on 280 it’s a parking lot. Granted, I could say the same about most of the bay area. Traffic to get on/off the highway is terrible, and once you’re on the highway it’s a parking lot. It hits a point where it becomes really unappealing.

For all of you, here is the info.

Willow Glen was not in LimeLight until Google Complex is coming to Diridon. Now, with Google Complex coming, the traffic through willow glen is 10-15 mins as WG is within 10 miles of that Complex.

Nice tree lined streets, nice 8k - 10k lots. Booksin is best Elem School, larger lots, larger homes around that area.

Downturn homes are going like a hot cake by the advent of Google Complex. Any home west of 87 HWY gets 10 to 20 offers.

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Willow Glen has been expensive for years though. It’s been expensive long before the Google announcement.


Basically, old English settlement area, large lots are very common, expensive homes.

There are unique limited lots called “DryCreek Homes”, nice ones, I tried to get, but could not as they start above 2M range.


it even has the Taiwan restaurant, you don’t even get chopsticks there.

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Don’t tempt me @sheriff or we’ll have another thread on Chinese food. :smiling_imp:

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I’m boycotting all threads regarding Chinese food. Go eat some burgers and try to be a real American for once! :laughing:


Chop Suey burger. wuqijun’s kind of burger.

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For real?? :face_vomiting:

I painted, years ago, the home where the Sharks coach lives. It is on one of those streets that you wouldn’t think they are worth the try.

What I saw there, believe me, is that they bought homes on the $400-$600K during or after the meltdown and then they flipped them when the market started to recover. I saw a house, I painted too, sold for peanuts in 2007. The owner died, I precisely put her in the car to the hospital where she didn’t come out alive that night, her soul rests in peace now. :sweat:

They sold the house for $600K+, 2-3 sibling fighting for the spoils, great opportunity to intervene. Now, I believe the house is worth $1.5-$2M

Next to that house, I have another house I painted. His owner was asking me if he would get good $ for it. He bought it for about $30-$50K back then, and I was going to help him on the sale by deferring the payment of capital gains for 30 years when he inherited a good chunk of money. :disappointed_relieved:

He ain’t moving any time soon :rofl: