Processing time for building permit in San Jose


Wondering how long it takes ( typically ) in San Jose to get building permit from the city after submitting the building application for a new two-story single family home construction that meets 45% FAR and less than 30ft height ?

It depends on your time, money and experience ! If you have not done any home modification, it may take start to end 15-24 months. Experienced people, with good cash, may take 6 to 12 months.

Architect & Design itself may take 3 to 6 months before you submit an application.

It depends on whom you engage on architecture and builder too. Four of my friends remodeled, 3 of them in Cupertino just adding 1000 sqft and existing home remodel, one in tear down rebuild.

The shortest took 12-15 months and longest took 24 months.

My knowledge is theoretical, did some research to remodel my home, but elt1 and ptiemann are well experienced in this field.

All depends on your architect. …

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Thank you. If you know local architect/builder you can recommend, please PM me.

Plenty of architects on market, they are busy with current environments, may cost you anywhere between 15k to 25k. They may probably give you some 30 mins over phone discussions free. The first thing they ask is your location address. If you do not own a place, they may unlikely to discuss further.

You need to review them from yelp or houzz…etc sites.