Prop 60/90 tax break

I got a surprise in the mail on my tax bill today. I applied for the prop 60/90 tax break for seniors selling their home and expected the assessed value to transfer with me. Instead they transferred my total tax bill. That was higher because I lived in the bay area where they vote for every tax increase they put in front of the voters. My tax rate was 1.32 in the bay area. It would have been 1.12 in Chula Vista where I live now. Because of the discrepancy I am paying an extra 950 a year in taxes. Does anybody know if this is the right way to do it? Be prepared when you retire.

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Be careful what you ask for… Never trust the government…


My property taxes are half what they were in the BA

The whole 60/90 is a cruel hoax that benefits only a few old farts that have owned their homes over 30 years


I am still getting a break, but it is only half as much as I thought.