Property Manager recommendation in Daly City / SF?

Do you guys have any recommendation for PM who works well in Daly City (and San Francisco)? I am trying to find a way to scale myself and won’t mind taking this step. Feel free to PM me if you don’t want to share it publicly. Thanks!

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:+1: Thinking BIG.
Having said that, a full-time PM should be able to handle 100 doors :slight_smile:


My friend Mona Wu and her Mom Helen have been in the property management business for over fifty years. Her son Derek now manages at least 2500 units…

Helen passed away years ago… Mona is one of the smartest real estate professionals I have ever met. She and her husband Scott Sherrer have been my friends for over 30 years…


I use Summerhill Homes. They charge 6%, and I think it was $500 to market the property and find the renter.

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Thanks, doesn’t look like they don’t serve Daly City from their website. How was your experience with them?

It’s been great. I’m surprised they don’t go that far North.

Summerhill Homes is a builder. Are you guys referring to


He might already have 100 doors :slight_smile:

review from yelp
They’re slum landlords. Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed it and have been fed up with it for many years.

They sued me.

I sublet from people already renting through this company. I had only been there for 3 months when I learned that my roommates had an outstanding balance on backpay for their rent. This was a sum that had accrued before I moved into the building. When they served papers, they threw my name on the suit even though I’ve had nothing to do with it.

Not enough that I have to move again after only a very little time of living there, now I’m stuck dealing with court dates and possible legal fees just to prove that I’m not responsible in this situation.

I won’t express my opinions over the legitimacy of their suit against my roommates, only that I’m being extremely strained over this situation of which I’m only involved because they know my name.

I think for us landlord that means they’re good, do you know how much they charge?

No but any manager that lays the hammer down on tenants is good by me. Now if the rent is one day late, I file a three day notice. Any sub letter should contact the landlord personally. Sub letters have no clue and very few rights. This guy was an idiot. In a standard CAR lease the tenants must get permission from the landlord in writing. In fact my guess is the sublease voided the lease. And the landlord was never notified, typical in SF

My guy is diamond certified and in fact he’s one of the top 3 people on their list to make it on the muni.

Now they are asking $1000 :sob:
6% of rent remains.
Do they do unnecessary maintenance and repairs?

Yoda I’ll give you a discount - $500 for tenant search and 5% of rent. No unnecessary maintenance/repairs.

I think repairs mostly depend on the tenant calling. So far, I’ve had very few.

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What’s the deal here? Don’t want to do even that much work? Want to be a compete bum?

Learning from Jack Ma and Li Ka-shing. Farmed out all the mundane works. Free yourself and focus on being a lord :slight_smile: What does a typical royal blood do? Do those :slight_smile: Learn from those guys, stop being a working class.

You are not learning the right lesson from Li ka shing. He made his two sons do the work for him now. And you should definitely do the same.

He’s babying his sons; even buying Airpods for them. They are old enough to get their own stuff. If it were me I’d tell them to get their own damn Airpods.