Property Tax Reassessment

Anyone here ever tried to do a property tax reassessment? Curious how strict they are or how detailed with the results. Does it have to be drastically different to be approved?

I did during the housing bust. Just filed online and gave 3 redfin listings showing lower property values. Never saw any response till they lowered my assessment. I was happy with it, so didn’t push for more.

Also did that for a couple of friends. Same thing. From what I noticed they don’t quibble if you give them a comparable


I did couple times on previous home in San Jose. It was after the subprime mortgage and market price was chaotic.

The first time was simple. I submitted online with my reasoning (just some comps from redfin). It was approved and assessment was temporarily lowered. Note temporary. So in the next year, county will use their original assessment and add on per Prop 13. It was easy, but it only made a difference for 1 year only.

Then couple years later, I thought their assessment was again higher than the market. But this time, I had to go thru a hearing with some board. County came back with a compromised assessment and asked if I agree. It was lower than their original, but still higher than my proposed. I took it. I didn’t want to waste time to appear in person for the hearing. And I’m a newbie, versus county that probably does this all the time.

And the county tries to scare you. Depending on the decision, the outcome can be even higher that the original assessment. So I took the compromise.

This is for Santa Clara county.

I have appealed mine .

Haven’t heard yet but they added 1.7M to my assessment after we finished rebuilding the house .

I bought in Nov 2017 and tried to ask for a reduction in value by around $100K. They rejected it entirely and want me to pay purchase price + 2%. It looks like appealing requires going in person, so I probably won’t pursue further.

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