Proposed Cupertino Hyperloop Could Ease South Bay Commute

The city of Cupertino is hoping Apple might be willing to subsidize some of the cutting edge technology. City Council voted down a head tax on Apple employees to help pay for the transportation improvements.

What do you say Apple shareholders? A couple billions should be enough.

Cupertino, don’t build hyperloop. It’s a silly idea for the small city.

Apple, please move if Cupertino asks you to build a hyperloop

How mich traffic would that reduce? It’s just from Diridon to DeAnza.

Such a silly idea. Will it double the home price? Could be a secret way to increase land and home price in Cupertino and make the traffic more like SF.

Be careful of the politicians. Sometimes they are silly, sometimes they are selfish, sometimes they are evil

Turn turn the Apple spaceship into a hyper loop. Can just go around in circles

Infrastructure of such nature should be undertaken by the state government.

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They prefer the HSR train to nowhere

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Yeah, I can’t believe Cupertino city council is this naive and this stupid. Government positions can make a good person go crazy and go mad badly.

I could go crazy as well if I can use your guy’s money :japanese_goblin:

Council members are like the idiots that ran for School President… They just want to be popular. Intelligence just gets in the way.

Between the cities of San Jose, Santa Clara and Cupertino they could’ve extended VTA light rail into the Apple spaceship as it was being built. (Apple subsidized of course). Trying to do hyperloop now is like a bandaid solution.


The Cupertino city council just want to find a way to pass the head tax that got shot down. It got shot down as they had no idea how they were going to use the money from the head tax (unlike MV that had a google supported transportation plan). So this boondoggle is a way to throw something out to see if it sticks.

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VTA light rail is terrible. There are a ton of stops and it has to stop at traffic lights. Seattle elevated it’s light rail. It’s much faster. There’s also much fewer stops.

Sure light rail is slow but something could’ve been done on the last couple of miles to improve speed. There are no other mass transit alternatives near Cupertino.