Proposed Dumbarton rail bridge could be first transbay railroad crossing since BART tube

Only a study so far. But hope is eternal…

Sounds very doable…

So it’ll open about 2040.

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If the infrastructure is essentially there and as long as all jurisdictions are onboard why can’t this be done sooner? We just have to get the money (I know, easier said than done…)

You know how it works. There’ll be a ton of studies before anything can be done.

Start buying in Newark now.

Too late, prices are as good as fremont.

Really?? No difference in prices at all? Which part of Fremont are you referring to?

There is about 100k difference, newark has homes selling 900k-1M as well. overall there is about 100k diffrerence.

You cant get a sfh in newark less than 550. Fremont/ worst area is probably 600. I am talking 3/1 fixers. not fire burnt houses

Don’t forget Union City area that’s close to the bay. A lot of nice houses and decent elementary.

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So please don’t finish the bridge link too fast… Need some more years buying. :sunglasses: