Protect Costa Hawkins! Vote NO on extreme Rent Control and Housing Freeze - Prop 21 in November

Here we go again. This is Prop 21 (otherwise known as Prop 10 2.0) Time to kill it, just like Prop 10 was killed 2 years about in a crushing landslide. @BAGB — you have your radar up on this one? :rofl:

Why the f%$#ck BTW is it OK to use “AIDS foundation” dollars to subsidize anti-housing initiatives? So crooked.

Extreme rent control measure now has a name: Prop 21

California’s Secretary of State’s Office has assigned a proposition number to the extreme rent control measure slated for the Nov. 3 statewide ballot: Proposition 21.


### CAA Podcast: CEO Tom Bannon on why Prop 21 is so threatening

In CAA’s sixth podcast, Tom Bannon, CAA’s chief executive officer, discusses the many problems with Proposition 21 – including its impact on small-scale landlords – and ways the rental housing industry can help defeat the proposal in November’s election. Learn more


Here is the official site for blocking EXTREME forms of rent control:


Working on my ballot. Spent two hours already and still not done. Anyway make sure to vote NO on Prop 21.

These rent control measures keep popping up like zombies. Interestingly even NAACP is against it. We should pass a ballot measure to ban rent control ballot measures.


Hah. Ban the AIDS foundation from pouring money into causes not remotely related to AIDS. Like prop 21.


Rental control only benefits old people who never move. Hurts young people just forming households. Hurts minorities that don’t live as long, hurts cities because it limits property tax.


Found this website that explains all the CA ballot measures this year. Good info.


I am actually surprised that prop 21 is not universally supported in the liberal media. For example SF Chronicles does not support it. Even Newsom does not support it. To me if one believes in the fundamental principles of rent control why would he/she not support prop 21? There is no real difference between prop 21 and the current statewide rent control law, except in the magnitude of the control which isn’t that much different. So this small difference has tipped it over from good rent control to bad rent control?

Current statewide rent control law? You mean the Covid-19 tenant protection moratorium that has a clear end date? I think that’s the key reason why people are fine with the temporary measure but are against Prop 21.

There is still 5% increase max plus cost of living that Newsom pushed through even though prop 10
was defeated

I am talking about AB 1482 which was passed into law at the beginning of 2020, unrelated to covid-19. It’s not temporary. I hope you have heard of it. :slight_smile:

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That only applies to multifam, which lacks protection from CH to begin with. AB 1482 is much milder than Prop 21, which would apply to SFH and condos as well.

Anyway the political wind is shifting towards harsher rent control regulations. Another reason why I will unload some of my RE portfolio. Need to go with the flow.

I will buy a rental every year.
I will buy a rental in San Mateo county.
Now I will unload some of my RE portfolio.
Did you do anything or just NATO?

Buying a house every year was an old program starting 2011. Finished a few years back.

Buying a house in San Mateo county is still ongoing, but sidetracked by Covid.

Unloading RE is a new program that’s just being kicked off.

I have or am doing what I said, but at different points in time.

I hope you did not ignore AB 1482 (which is now some CC), because you only have SFR rentals.

AB 1482 requires that a landlord notifies the tenant about the situation. ANY tenant. The deadline to notify them has passed already.

I heard that if a tenant in an unprotected unit does not get notified by the landlord, then this unprotected unit becomes protected. (!!!)

Further, if a tenant in a protected unit did not get notified by the landlord, then the protection becomes so tight… that rent can not be raised at all.

I have this information from a friend who has it from his attorney, but I could not find this in the official legal text (which is too long for me to read)

I played it safe and got everyone’s signatures on file, including my SFR tenants.

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Did not ignore it of course, and got reassurance from all my PM’s they added the required boilerplate exempt clauses in the new leases.

I think the line is being drawn at owning two SFH’s. Above that you will likely get tightly regulated in the future.