Protect Costa Hawkins! Vote NO on extreme Rent Control and Housing Freeze - Prop 21 in November

Here we go again. This is Prop 21 (otherwise known as Prop 10 2.0) Time to kill it, just like Prop 10 was killed 2 years about in a crushing landslide. @BAGB — you have your radar up on this one? :rofl:

Why the f%$#ck BTW is it OK to use “AIDS foundation” dollars to subsidize anti-housing initiatives? So crooked.

Extreme rent control measure now has a name: Prop 21

California’s Secretary of State’s Office has assigned a proposition number to the extreme rent control measure slated for the Nov. 3 statewide ballot: Proposition 21.


### CAA Podcast: CEO Tom Bannon on why Prop 21 is so threatening

In CAA’s sixth podcast, Tom Bannon, CAA’s chief executive officer, discusses the many problems with Proposition 21 – including its impact on small-scale landlords – and ways the rental housing industry can help defeat the proposal in November’s election. Learn more

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