Psst, Where To Buy In Portland

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Update if Portland is on your radar…

or where not to buy in Portland…

Buy rental is ok since it is rented through PM, go to stay there is not ok :joy:
Austinites don’t like Californians too.

Don’t live there and don’t even buy any rental there. If I had to live in a place like Portland I might as well go back to China.

Maybe we should send the SF homeless and their liberal supporters to Portland…They deserve each other…lol
Nobody like BA people in South Lake Tahoe either. …In fact people without money hating people with money is universal.

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Now, now, now… never bite the hand that feeds you

Your city was lovely by the way… between the wifey and I we ended up positive exiting your casinos…

I was including myself…Locals still consider me as a BA person…I have to use a local phone number to get the best prices…In fact many restaurants give discounts to locals…I now have a local address on my drivers license

Wow, after all these years of paying local sales and property taxes???

I would buy where they are selling. :sweat_smile:

Update on Portland’s hottest neighborhoods if you got the itch to move…

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“Our City has become a cesspool,”

Whew, I’m glad he didn’t go on and say " Our City has become a cesspool, a San Francisco."…

Make sure you buy near here:sunglasses: