Publishing your own book – any experiences or tips?

Do you have some tips for publishing your own first book? What should you pay attention to, what should you avoid?
I would like to summarize some tips for buyers and sellers and publish the tips in book form. Depending on whether I am then mentoring buyers or sellers, I would hand out a copy. I would also include some buyer/seller experiences and share some stories. I’ve even gotten permission from some customers to do that. Should not be too dry but rather in a relaxed way can explain some. If you read it as a buyer / seller good, if not you can of course also discuss everything directly. I just thought that could be something with which you stand out a little from others. Whether it goes down well or not, you would have to see:)
Has anyone already planned something similar?
Do you think it’s a good idea?

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Remind me - you’re a realtor? If so, yes, I think publishing a tips book could be good advertising.

Yes, I am a real estate agent, but I also work in consulting for the government. This primarily involves advising interested parties, but also real estate development or legal issues. But I also offer consulting privately with my company.
It should not only be a brochure but a real book. Nothing dry or a guidebook. With the help of examples I would like to show what one has to pay attention to and how it was possible to help in concrete cases.

Let’s be honest, do the youngsters of today even read books??? I’m thinking maybe something online like being a Youtuber might be more up their alley. One of the many RE agents I know just started a Youtube channel…


The ones who’ve saved up enough money for a downpayment probably do.

No, they don’t read books anymore. But then there are other channels for that. The book would only be for older generations or for the people who are interested in it. They still exist. Especially in some regions, older people are strongly represented. I do not think that TikTok videos are the best way to come in touch with this groups. And just this group has also a lot of capital available. And in consulting, it’s also important to show older people what options are still available. (Co-living, shared house/flat…)

The channels for the younger generations are simpler. We have our own employees there. So I don’t forget about it, it’s just for this concern not my target group. If a younger person wants the book, of course they will get it.

Most YouTube channels basically just show the houses. I have never seen that one is explained what additional costs come on one or how to buy vacation homes abroad or what you have to consider.

Unless your book contains truly “magical” concepts that even experienced older folks would want to know more about, I just don’t see a huge readership pool frankly for it (to make it worthwhile financially for you). Like we are saying, you aren’t going to get a ton of youngsters weened on YouTube and the internet. Older folks, well, are thinking about retirement more so than risking millions of dollars on RE at this point in their lives. Then, the other older and experienced folks, like a lot of us here, frankly have already been so successful in RE investing that they wouldn’t think they need to go to a book at this point. Why now? Whatever they have doing to this day has panned out so why would they even want to spend oh $19.99 and the time to read your 500 page baby? My Big Bro, the RE tycoon (just picked up another multi unit building here in the BA for a song) would be laughing at the suggestion he needs a book. He would say, yeah, I only own 10 BA properties nearly all free and clear… must be doing something wrong that I need your friend’s book…

I don’t have to appeal to people or advertise for myself. It would be enough to establish a connection. Create trust and so possibly work together with people in the long term. In the best case, people will recommend me to others.
It’s not just about selling here, I also often have tasks where I have to advise people. Unfortunately, this is very time-consuming. Maybe a book will also help here. So that one can answer at least first questions. But not abstract and with a lot of legal texts, but explain everything with examples. As simple as possible.
I do not see myself as a future author:) It would be something that makes my life easier and in my opinion has added value for the people I care for. I do not want to open another field of work but take work off my hands.
If it is for customers, I would give it away for free. For interested people it would possibly be offered for sale. I do not necessarily seek a financial gain.

Ok, I am with you. For example, I hope to retire soon but do want to finally get my RE license just because I love the subject and feel I can help folks too. It wouldn’t be about the compensation but just being active. Good luck!!!

I think you have to use multiple mediums for different kinds of customers. Keep the book short and to the point and full of information. My 18yo is very proud of himself for having read 4 books so far this summer… Including some short-works by Kafka. If he’s your buyership, books may be good, but keep it to the point.

I wish you good luck with it sfdragonboy - if it is your dream, fulfill it.
I already know exactly when I retire, I will start another study. When I was a student, many older people sat in the lectures with me. I always thought it was great to be able to learn new things at an advanced age. Above all, you can then really study something that you really like. You don’t have to pay attention to whether you get a good job with it:)

Yes, with many different media you also reach many different groups. It’s clear to me that with an “old-fashioned” book, you won’t reach everyone these days.

I have now once turned to a service publisher (Novum publishing). I hope to get feedback that way. Maybe I will get an input in which direction it should go or if my idea is going in the right direction. I think I’ll get more feedback than with classical publishers, although I’d like to try it there as well. Maybe I’ll get something more than the familiar phrases.

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If not real estate, I do intend to give back to the “community” by helping youths in my wife’s home country of Malaysia when I semi retire there in the future. I would like to get together with some same minded folks who have the financial means and partner up to buy a good sized parcel of land and then build a community center/foundation to help disadvantaged youths there. Our mom passed away this year (RIP Mom) and she had always been an extremely generous woman despite not having a college degree. I must continue that legacy especially with no kids. We are not talking a great amount of money but UCLA should not get it all…

I think that you still have a good chance with books. Of course, there is a lot to find on YouTube, etc., but the quality of it is often very bad in my opinion (of course, there are good videos too, but it’s hard to find them)… a good book with lots of valuable first-hand information and experience would be better for me. Then you can also read again and again and mark places, which would of course be much more annoying with videos. A book can’t give you any magic tips anyway - it’s all about getting your own information and then forming your own opinion. The best way to do that is to read different sources.
For the book itself, you’d have to get a professional publisher on board to make it look professional… otherwise all your effort is for nothing - especially if you haven’t really come into contact with writing or publishing yet.

I also try to do something for society. On the one hand, we have consultations for people who want to buy an apartment or house, and on the other hand, we also advise the city on what the citizens need and how good urban planning works.
I would like to continue the consulting, but I would like to sell only more vacation homes in vacation destinations in Europe. I think there is a big difference between needing an apartment/house and liking a vacation home. There is less pressure behind it and people are also more relaxed. You also have to say that if you can buy a vacation home, you are much more relaxed financially. But the advice could certainly also refer to vacation homes.

On YouTube, everything is always very general and you don’t really go into the detailed problems. A help are the videos already, at least that I now know and watch. You can also orient yourself well on it. However, you still need specific help afterwards. You have to look very closely at the case in question, then you can show exact solutions.

I am now in contact with novum publishing and will also meet the responsible persons personally. Let’s see what our conversation brings. I hope I can convince them of my project.

I can already imagine that this is interesting for some, if there is a book about it. Of course, you have to look around to see what’s already on the market and what’s not - you can then close this gap in the market. So you can also calculate good chances, I think. You can certainly use this as an argument with the publisher with whom you are now in contact. Have you already met the people in charge? I’d be interested to hear what the outcome was.

It’s not like I imagine I have to see all people as customers now. I will not be able to address strangers or people who are not looking for a property. I think it takes more than just a few slogans on a brochure. I’m thinking, for example, of everything that has to be done after buying a property. That also varies from country to country. In Italy, you have to register for garbage collection, otherwise you will have problems after a while. This goes well for a long time, but after a few years you have massive problems. From my point of view, this can be presented much better as a book. You are interested in a property and first read a guidebook. Everything is contained in it, but with concrete examples, and it doesn’t just consist of headlines where you have to search for information yourself. The book can be displayed in our offices or offered online. If you are a customer for a longer period of time or if you have already bought a property from us, you will get it for free. If you are only interested in the information in the book, you can buy it. I realize that this makes little sense for a traditional publisher. It needs a larger audience.
I am in contact and basically the idea is also well received. One could help me also with the writing and apparently one gets already during the writing many assistance if one wants that. I still have to see exactly what I need and what you could do yourself.

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Okay, I see - you have good ideas. These are quite good approaches, I think. I think that some people will be interested. Will you structure it by country or will you give general information and tips? Of course, a book has a much more professional effect - that has to be said. But then it also has to be professionally presented, i.e. proper editing, cover, writing style, etc.
It’s nice to hear that you’ve already received feedback. Have you already thought about what you want to use?

I wanted to do separate chapters for each country. But after the first talks with the publishers, there was also talk about publishing several books and dedicating each book to a different country. Each country individually would of course go a little deeper and you could really go into detail about the country or even the region. On the other hand, this would take more time and I would have to devote more time to this project. There I will still let everything go through my head and look at what makes sense.

I think I will write a book with all countries, if that should be a “success” and is well received, you can still go into more detail on the individual countries or regions.

I will now stay with Novum Verlag. I have already had talks with them and they make a very professional impression. I have also been offered help everywhere if I need it. Which is good and of course saves me time. Especially with the first book I will need that. Should still further consequences, one can it possibly already alone. In addition, I have the opportunity to have the book translated into several languages, which is certainly also very good. Depending on the country and region, the clientele also differs. Everyone will probably be able to speak English, but it is probably more pleasant in the native language.

I will decide soon and then inform the publisher of my decision. Then I hope to be able to start quickly.

Thanks for your help and your time.

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if you write a separate book for each country, I wonder how long it will be… I thought it would be a few pages per country and then you would have a total of around 250 pages… or am I imagining too few?
I would also write a book about all countries, because that way you have a larger target group… and you only have to publish ONE book… the publisher will probably be happy too. Have you made any progress yet? I would be interested. :slight_smile: just text me privately! Best of luck!

You don’t have to change the book from front to back. Basically, it’s only about the legal things that have to be adapted to the countries. Otherwise, many things are the same. I think that can be easily changed and the books will have to be translated into the respective national language. You could be more specific about the countries, otherwise each country would be just one chapter. If you deal with 10 countries, you don’t need to read 9 chapters because these countries don’t concern you. I don’t think many people are interested in what the legal requirements are in Spain if they want to buy a house in Greece :slight_smile:
But that will still turn out how the exact procedure is.