Punchitchewie: Making amends from brief time at Redfin BA RE forums


Last year when the Redfin Bay Area RE forum was running, my first post was an attack on members of the forum for what I perceived as an attitude of ridiculing posters who rented and missed out on buying low or chronic renters, and members generally just bragging about their investments and returns amongst each other.

I took exception because when I first found the Redfin forums, I was seeking buying advice and hear about members’ experiences whether it be fixer-uppers, putting a pre-fab home on an empty lot, etc. I didn’t see much of that and lurked on and off. I felt there was a clique and outsiders weren’t welcome.

After a series of posts, I felt paranoid and terrible about myself so I disappeared.

I managed to locate this site a couple of weeks ago and I lurked again seeing how you guys just share investment advice and post banter like friends.

I am truly sorry for offending/attacking those of you from the Redfin days. You may or may not remember or don’t even care anymore but i have to clear my conscience.



I wish we could hear more from other people other than the four or five of us who have nothing better to do… :smile: So welcome @punchitchewie !



Welcome back, feel free to ask/share anything you like to get out of the forums. Most the members are almost like minded and we discuss actively and even disagree/agree, but ultimate aim is to share the knowledge.

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We are not easily offended, keep us on our toes…It is tough getting into the real estate game…Lots of very smart people on here that have good advice on stocks and real estate. .Free info, take it all with a grain of salt…


Yes, lots of bright people on here with absolutely nothing better to do and dying for attention… :rofl:

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punchitchewie, you are at the right place. We’ll give you the best of the advice for your home buying.

Thank you all!