Purchasing an NFT

Has anyone purchased an NFT? I thought I would start a new thread to see.

this is a good twitter thread on how to purchase. I might purchase a cheap one this week just to check it out.

A friend of my husband’s bought a Bored Ape for $50k and now it is worth 100K. and yes, I told my husband we can’t afford a Bored Ape jpeg for $100k. :roll_eyes: though I am usually up for new things.


I would be careful purchasing NFTs. I hear from social media a lot of folks are not making money, riding the pump, and not selling quickly, or finding no buyers. It’s also a perfect money laundering method so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a significant percentage. There are also a lot of pumps going on from what I hear. Pump the project with your own crypto, raise the price with multiple transactions/buys, then dump. I’m more into creation mode at this point.



I created one. No taker yet.

this is good advice, thanks. I was going to see if I can buy something less than $20. I am more just trying to learn the process, and understand opensea.io as well. I really have no idea how to “judge” projects and agree with your assessment.

any thought on GBOX

Americans have so much junk they don’t need that they are willing to buy useless junk from others? I work hard for my money. Why would I want to collect useless NFTs. Greater fool theory? Boredom? Casino gambling seems like more fun.

It’s a fee economy. People buy what they think is worth the value in whatever metrics/sentiment they evaluate the asset on. Next bitcoin supercycle (2024/2025?) will bring out another crazy concept other than the NFTs and it may even be crazier.

NFT is a early concept. We have doubts but it looks promising. It helped artists become profitable.

Designers too. Might give rise to a group of freelance designers for avatars. Customized one and only design by … :slight_smile: may be worth millions of dollars. The what what collections :slight_smile: If I have to attend a wedding in a metaverse, I need to dress appropriately :slight_smile:

NFTs should be taxed heavily. They benefit no one add nothing to the economy and are absolutely useless.

It should be taxed the same as baseball cards, etc which I believe it does.

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Great thing about baseball cards they can be traded for cash. Untraceable and hardly taxable . NFTs have a paper trail .

Animal coinservation The World Wildlife Fund in Germany announced a series of NFTs featuring endangered species. The organization explained: “The number of the respective works is limited to the exact number of still living specimens of the respective animal species depicted.” So while 1,063 mountain gorilla NFTs are available, there will only be 22 vaquita whales. All proceeds will be used for conservation efforts.

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Doesn’t mean this is legitimate. NFTs are proof that the internet is full is scams. People will believe in anything these days. The farther from reality the better. Someday techies will find the emperor has no clothes. If you want to give money to charity give to charity not a third party scammer. BTW most charities are scammers. WWF is not on the list of the better charities


Disney launching NFTs. If they have some rare ones I’ll put some money in.

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DIS is a good bet for metaverse, the issue is do the CEO knows how to do that? Pretty sure is a phenomenal winner if done well.

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They will make billions and billions if they can execute this.