Question for BA RE gurus

what’s up with 1150 Lombard St Apt 1? waaay below Zestimate and very interesting price history.
something wrong with the apartment?, the neighborhood? thanks

It’s a condo. No one likes condos. :grinning::grinning::grinning:



Which, is common with condos…

No, that’s insanely high. Even the newest high rises in SJ with concierge services are under $800/mo for a 2/2. Those usually include some utilities too. The almost all include water/sewer and trash/recycling. Depending on the building the master insurance policy can be good enough that you only need the equivalent of renter’s insurance for personal property.

I wasn’t focusing on amount (it is high) but on HOA in general which is only associated with condos and maybe townhome developments. SFHs forever!!! Why pay for some amenities that you never ever use, or hardly???

with this HOA, i would expect HOA covers a hot masseuse to give massage couple times a week.

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Thats Apt #8