Questions you, as an investor should ask


I attended a meeting with this guy, he showed us so many things where you can invest your money that the stock market and its Bitcoin was a joke. He started flipping homes for a living, but got tired of managing contractors, and when he tried ownership, he was horrified of the human nature of the business. Even after hiring a PM company he decided it wasn’t his idealistic job. He sold all his assets, he just invests in REITs where they invest in the construction of malls, office buildings where companies with record and outstanding credit rent, the likes of Walgreens, or any national brand company with 15-19 years leasing deals, and any construction deal he can make his money securely and safely. He doesn’t do anything if his income is not sheltered. And so should you. He is debt free, his $ liquidity is the secret of his wealth.

He told me to think about the following questions. He said, during his many years into real estate investment, he found these 6 questions to be of a great importance. If you don’t have an answer about any of these, then you shouldn’t invest he said, and if you do, you may not get the returns you expected, or failure.

1- What am I putting my $ into?

2- How long do I need to be there?

3- What am I secured by?

4- How much can I make?

5- What’s my exit strategy?

6- How’s my income sheltered?


Add any question or solution you can. Nothing is written on stone, but the aforementioned questions were told to me by somebody who has been in the business for long time, about 40 years.