Quora answer to question:what kind of people live in South Bay

From top answer:

“Blithe and potentially offensive generalizations coming:
•Palo Alto: rich people with kids, rich people who can afford expensive signs of consumption to show they care about sustainable living, Stanford faculty, has startups.
•Menlo Park/Atherton: rich people with kids and NIMBYists who care more about being rich than pretending to care about the environment, disgruntled Stanford professors, has few startups.
•Los Gatos: richer, has the nicest cars, has no startups.
•Mountain View: not so rich, has lots of startups.
•Belmont, Hillsborough, Burlingame, Redwood City, San Carlos: drive-through cities, few startups, have kids.
•Woodside/Portola Valley/Los Altos Hills: rich polo players. No startups, though some angel investors might live here.
•San Mateo: married couples splitting the commute, where one spouse works in SF, and the other works in San Jose. Some startups.
•Cupertino/Sunnyvale/Santa Clara: suburbia that is so heavily Asian it is causing white flight. H1B visa slaves live here.
•San Jose: tech companies, their employees, and all the other poor saps who were misled into thinking it was as cool as San Francisco, but cheaper.”



and… the original SF article :slight_smile:


I have heard people wanting to live in PA instead of Cupertino because it has more diversity. And you know that’s just a code word for more white people. :smile:


Code words. Last time I visited my son in Chicago he said he didn’t want to visit the riverboat casino because it was too dark there. I was thinking no lighting in the parking lot but then I got it. By too dark he meant too many black people.

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