Quora: Do software engineers in Silicon Valley struggle to find affordable housing?



Only people who are bad at math think they can’t find affordable housing.

Most software engineers are not bad at math.

If you make $120,000/year, then $30,000/year is affordable. It’s about 42% of your after tax take home.

$2,500/month is approximately the median rent on a mid-peninsula apartment in San Mateo County.

That may not sound like “affordable”…

But that leaves you $42,000/year for non-housing costs.

Or $3,500/month to cover car payment, food, savings, and other stuff you want to spend on.

Which you will not be able to make after housing elsewhere.

If you are smart, instead of rent, you will pay a mortgage on a manufactured home.

You can get one of those — with 2BR, 2BA, marble countertops, wood floors, and stainless steel appliances for a mortgage around $866/month (or less) — within bicycling distance of Google — and have a bedroom to rent out to someone else to further reduce your costs.

That’s $10,392/year = $61,608/year = $5,134/month in disposable income.

And it’s closer to only 14.5% of your after tax take home for housing… which is pretty much a solid deal, anywhere in the U.S…

It’s only the people who are picky as a 5 year old with a just-out-of-reach booger, and who insist on living in San Francisco, who can’t find affordable housing.

I understand the drive to do this: all the other yuppie larva live in San Francisco, and you want to live there, too.

Don’t be a fool and insist on San Francisco, be prepared to think out of the box, and be prepared to buy something that on the outside looks down-market, and you can easily find housing.

Note that if you overpay * 4, you can still have about $2,500/month disposable — and own the place in 7.5 years, instead of 30 years.

Faster if you rent out the second bed/bath, and apply your rent to further paying down the mortgage — say 5 years.

At which point you can do a 1031 tax exchange, and buy a house worth $560,000, instead of one worth $230,000.

Only people who are bad at math think they can’t find affordable housing.

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Youth should be dating and partying. Stop wasting your youth on wealth accumulation. Just rent a room and spend your money on women and looking pretty.

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40 years ago, Intel engineers might have the same issue to afford a house here. Today’s software engineers are still labor, why do they think they should be previlidged to housing?

Software engineers should be humble and should accept the fact that housing is to be shared by humans, they don’t have any preference now.

Software engineers should feel lucky that their employers were nice to give them a job. They should work hard and save hard, that’s the way to earn a living.

It is not the Techies that are struggling. It is everyone else. That is why it is fashionable to hate them.


Lol. Cannot tell if it is sarcasm or not.

I realized most young swes dont have a good handle on how much they should spend on their abode. A friend of mine is spending 3500 as rent. 4br houses with pools and a nice yard costs 6500$. You do the math.

What about that mobile home hack? Less than $900 a month within bike distance to Google.

Mobile homes are much nicer than most bay area crapshacks :frowning:

Single, couple or with kids?

Single, 1br. condo, i think?

Condo is for youth and single.

SFH is more suited to family.

Exactly my point :slight_smile: