Quora: What is the base salary for a software engineer at Google?


It varies greatly depending on the level. Entry level for a SWE is L3, and typical base is 110-135K USD in the US. L4 has a higher base of 130-160K or so, and it increases even higher for L5+.

Though, what you should be looking at is total package, base + bonus + stock. That gives you the best idea of what you will really make, and if you don’ t consider the full picture, you are at risk of making a suboptimal decision. For L3, the total package would be 150-230k, and for L4, the range is about 200K-300K. L5+ will of course see higher numbers. You can get some idea of what those are like from Blind and Glassdoor.

The exact spot where someone falls in the range will depend on what competing offers they had at offer time, and how much experience they have (for example L3 could be 0 yrs of experience new grad, or 2 years experienced candidate).

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What about those people who get paid without ever having to show up at work? I’d like to be one of those… I wouldn’t mind even at L1… :rofl:

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