Quora: Which real estate markets should I invest in?


Being this is Texas, Ellison didn’t even flinch at the real estate cost of purchasing prime property in Austin. He said he purchased as much property he could in the span of 30 minutes.

“This is Texas, the prices here are like free,” Ellison jokes. “Believe me, you buy one home in California – Mark’s [Hurd, Oracle’s CEO] home actually costs about the same as this in California.”

Ellison says the 40-acre campus could continue to grow as the company grows.


Not too late to jump into Austin :grinning:
Price and rent are still increasing, fast to rent out😃


Oracle is not increasing the headcount. This new office is only 500k sf, about 3k employees


We just returned from our month long driving trip across the southern US with a final destination Charleston.

Spent time in Austin, but did not particularly care for it. We like Plano area better and besides they have major Japanese market there along with other Asian markets.

There are some beautiful areas in Atlanta area, but have problems with crime issues in certain areas that seem to be ok from outside. Homes are cheap and gorgeous. They have a HUGE Food market equally many I’ve seen in Asia with great prices, abundant produce, seafood/meat, you name it. Wonderful if you are a foodie. The worst traffic and drivers!

Really liked Charleston, SC and Durhnam/Chapel Hill area. Very nice homes. But, for me, it suffers in finding the food items I need for my cooking. There is a H mart though.

Nashville - liked Belle Meade area of Nashville. Nice surroundings. Still a little sparse in Asian food category.

We like to return to Carolinas again to spend more time there. Still like Phoenix.


Sounds like so much fun! I love road trips :slight_smile:


Try once Camas, WA, nicer homes, I visited two days last year.

You do not have income tax, but do not pay sales tax when you just travel 6 miles to Portland !


You don’t like Raleigh? Potential Amazon HQ2.
You like Charleston? Do you like Foster City?


Crime isn’t too bad for a city of that size, but yea if you’re comparing with South bay there is definitely more, but it’s localized mostly. The suburbs are really safe. Traffic for sure is awful!!! That’s why intown is blow up.


Atlanta weather sucks. Cold winters and hot humid summers


Yes, Raleigh too. Just wish they improve on Asian food markets. I like Charleston for great eats and there are some gorgeous areas to live. Easy town to walk around.


Driven in some really bad traffic, but it’s the drivers in Atlanta that’s blowing me away. Total disregard.


I’m ok with humidity as long as it’s not cold. I’ve lived a decade in subtropical climate and really liked it. I don’t care for cold climate at all. Prefer hot with humidity over dry, but I can take hot and dry like Phoenix as long as homes are well air conditioned. But, let’s face it, it’s hard to beat the weather in Bay Area. But, we need more rain, lots more rain.


I have to check out Camus. I spent a summer and a winter month in Seattle area a while back. I just don’t care for the gloomy weather there much.


Are you looking to move or rentals?



What’s your opinion on Nashville houses as a investment?

This name seems to appear in the media more often now. I’ve never been there before, but for some reason, Nashville seems a nice place to me.


Here is some data for you to ponder the merits of Nashville…




So sorry. Hardly any Asians :slight_smile: You have to whiten yourself to be closer to white or darken yourself to be closer to black or in-between like hispanic.


A tad high on crime level, but presumably should get better with development…



Same can be said about Austin.

Austin has more Hispanic and Nashville has more Black.