Race Based School Criteria Roils Asian Americans Again


Race based affirmative action is no good. One based on income is much fairer.

That is essentially the same thing. Just look at incomes by race. Asians would get hosed while African Americans would get the most benefit. You’d have your outlier poor Asian person that might benefit, but the overall trend would be the same.

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Asian Americans are too nerdy and tend to do well only in school. So there’s too much competition here as is. What Asian Americans need to do is to diversify ourselves out of all these “geeky” career paths and excel in other things such as sports, entertainment, and art. Success in these fields don’t really require a college education so then we can care less about affirmative action and school. Also, it might help to reduce the stereotype of Asians being “tech geeks” and “math nerds”. Kill two birds with one stone. Why not? :wink:

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