Ready for the next boom, or tragedy?

I would like to please those who pander to the “deport all illegals” crew.

One of them, I recall, said that 50% of CA’s population was illegal directly or indirectly. Since my English or comprehension is of a 6th grader, higher than Trump, I couldn’t understand the question or assumption but here we go.

Out of my mouth, not using Google, let’s say there are 4 million undocumented people in the Golden state. Let’s divide them by 4. That will lead us to 1 million, more or less of properties being rented by one of you, or owned by them.

Now, let’s say the deportation task is slow. 100 people arrested in San Jose every week, another 100 in SF, and so on. That will take us to about 1,000, more or less arrested people leaving homes and apartments in disarray, and that is a week! If they don’t have any rights, and no families left to pick up their belongings, a legal issue comes to be a problem for landlords. Do you empty it, paint it, whatever immediately? Did they pay knowing the task force would come? Maybe they have been aware of the tragedy and stopped paying you for months?

Then, mind you, supply and demand will dictate the outcome of the housing price. You may lose the income you needed to pay the other property you have for rent, which in turn…was left empty as the other one, and the other one you own. That cha-chin sound will be strange to your ears, right?

Also, the absence of hundreds if not thousands of immigrants, that quick, will trigger lay offs, closing stores, and all sorts of venues and businesses catering to their needs or those who needed their hard working attitude. You will also contribute to the demise of those legally here by not using the services of those painters, plumbers, and any other skilled legal people who may depend on you to turn those apartments right away. Why? Nobody will need them for rent. People may leave this area, you never know.

I am just throwing around conspiracies or theories that may become real or not.

One thing I will tell you as a landlord you are. Numbers, higher numbers of people in this area are your friends, let them get smaller all the sudden and you will cry like a baby.

Be a loving human being, and see another human being not as a number, but a person like you that one day was on the street, got lucky and here you are pretending nothing matters to you.

Being isolated of the problems out there doesn’t prevent you from suffering any problem’s outcome. It also is good to note that the wall down South, may get ugly for those retirees wanting to live their last days in Mexico or any other part of the world. You may be a pariah whatever you go, you didn’t want them to come here, they will make sure you are not welcomed over there. Think about it.

Karma is a b…they say.

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No need to remind me, already can’t sleep well at night.


I can see the forced upon you smile trying to forget about what would become the demise of the real estate as we know it now.

Certainly, some attitude of discrimination and/or racism is visible in the words of maybe more than one poster. They seem to not understand they are shooting themselves in the…foot.