Real Estate Broker Suggests pricing well over the avg market value

I have a question about a real estate situation. I encountered a broker who was looking to sell my property. He suggested that we use a starting/asking price that is about $10K (mol) above the average sales for my community. The reasoning was that there were no other properties like it for sale in my area. It sounded nice but I’m a bit concerned about the strategy. Is this some tactic to get the listing or am I being too suspicious?

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Personally, in BA, listing below market always work regardless of Up or Down market. Just focus on generating the multi-offer situation - Realtor can always suggest to the buyer realtor that you are expecting much more than asking price.


yep. All the deals i ever got was because the agent was lazy or the owner was greedy and they listed at a high price then had the property sit and finally accept an offer due to exhaustion…


These agents should be fired on the spot.

This is exactly how I bought my last 2 - agent lazy or house sitting on the market.

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Setting a slightly higher asking price for unique properties can be a legitimate strategy but it’s best to confirm if that decision is based on solid market data and demand. You can ask the broker to provide a detailed market analysis that supports the higher asking price. This should include recent sales data for similar properties in the area, taking into account any unique features of your property that might justify the premium price.