Real estate courses

Hello all,
I’m getting ready to do a business course on Real Estate. I don’t know much about it, but I have interest in exploring new things about real estate. I am a bit confused on where to do this course and one of my friend recommended . It describes the courses to be done and the required study materials. What do you think about this?? Does anyone here have any experience doing course there?? How shall I apply there?? Will there be any examination or will I have to seek help from any recruiter?? Any opinions are greatly welcomed.

Good morning! On a separate thread (Tips On Finding Real Estate Deals), we went off tangent and talked a little bit about licensing. Our Founder, @manch got his license through Allied Schools and he mentioned an online outfit where you can hang your hat so to speak after passing it. I may try to do it first quarter 2017 since that is usually my lightest time at work. Good Luck!

You need to take 3 courses to take the exam. The fees look reasonable. Don’t know about freedom school. Like @sfdragonboy said I did mine at allied. It’s all online and you can have them ship you paper textbooks for additional fee although that’s not required.

Thank you for your suggestions… Will I be able to do the courses alone??

Yeah. That’s what I did.

Ok thanks for sharing this course information.