Real Estate Leading the Market Up


Lower mortgage rate will help

Lower mortgage means low 10 year note, that reverts yield curve, economic impact, long term issue.

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I bought MTN … Vail resorts at the low 181… let it ride.

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I think we will see house prices and home construction rebound later this year, if Trump wraps up his trade war with China. Looks like he’s pretty motivated now.

I do mostly index investing but picked up RTN at about 153 and CXW under 18 toward the end of December. They both looked way too cheap. Happy so far and comfortable with both long term.

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I got O almost a year ago, and it’s been my best buy and hold since then.

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Even I heard “O” etf is the best.

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@manch sold his large OHI holding at the about the same time you buy O. Nearly double!

You visit prisons often?

This is (nominally) a real estate board. REITs tend to rise with falling rates and fall with rising rates. As falling rates happen during economic downcycles REITs can add stability to a portfolio as well as producing income - as long as they aren’t economically sensitive themselves. This is why I don’t go for resorts or shopping malls. I also own MPW. Oldsters and crooks. Nothing cyclical about either.