Real estate market in USA

Essentially RTP, Austin, Dallas, Tampa,…

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IMHO, if I want to diversify from SV and Austin, I will choose RTP.

Did you look at any number? It might not be cashflow any more with 20-30% down just like Austin.

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Look at it few years ago, not recently :hugs:

My wife prefers Las Vegas, so looking at LV now. Prelim computations indicate slightly better than Austin.

You moving?


  1. Austin
  2. Phoenix
  3. Nashville
  4. Tampa
  5. Denver
  6. Dallas
  7. Atlanta
  8. Washington DC
  9. Riverside
  10. Miami
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Real estate surges after @manch started unloading his properties.

I wish there was a 'laugh" option instead just a like option. I am totally here for this ribbing of each other. :wink: :joy:

Got any cheap buildings ready to collapse?


One of my co-workers is looking at Henderson, NV. He wants to buy a home now and move there in a few years after his daughter finishes high school. Homes that were $1.6M in the fall are now $2.1-$2.3M. That is insane considering that market doesn’t have the local jobs to support those prices. It’s people like him (VP and C-level wife) who want to buy an empty nester home and work remotely. They want to buy now because of low rates and inflation concerns. Inflation devalues the cash they prepared for down payment, and it’ll drive up home prices.

I have another friend in rural AZ. Home value went from $50k to $100k over the last 3 years.

The percent gains are crazy and almost everywhere. This might be a phenomenon that prices renters out for a very long time. People are going to predict a RE crash. I think we will see rents catch up to home prices. Home prices recovered first coming out of 2008. Remember all the bears who bragged about their cheap rent and claimed that meant prices had to crash more? It took years but rents increased to a more normal level vs prices.

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Funny. Was looking for some rental. Realtor told me that Californians are swamping the market.

Californians are everywhere, buying whatever available.

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Jason Geroux, owner of 4:10 Real Estate in Phoenix, said he has managed rentals for nearly 15 years and never seen anything like this. His rental listings are often getting more than a dozen applications. People call him and offer to pay more than the asking price for the rental, effectively creating bidding wars on rental properties. On two recent listings, so many people offered to pay more money that he had all the applicants write down their best offer.

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…a lifelong Phoenix resident who has noticed a growing number of California license plates in her complex’s parking lot.

Californians are flooding everywhere. Whichever places they go, prices and rents sky rockets.

Demand for two particular types of rentals is especially high: single-family homes and apartments in smaller cities that have less inventory.

Because of the Californian Exodus, Texas and Arizona real estate is hot.

Californians from the BA are inflating RE in other parts of CA as well. Especially in the Sacramento MSA.