Real estate rental cash flow free webminor by biggerpockets

Any one interested, feel free to join

How to Analyze Rental Properties for Maximum Cash Flow

I am not affiliated with it and I do not know whether it (quality) is good or bad !

I joined a few of their webminars in the past and they are in decent quality. Definitely more friendly to newbies in the subject area. I definitely recommend their podcasts. Perfect companions for Bay Area traffic.

I am always dubious of the podcast guests’ claims. Like if they say they accumulate 10M of real estate in 10 years or so, I always wonder are they counting equity? How do they count partnerships with multiple investors? Etc. I’d like for them to delve more into how they raise money to do what they did. But most often the hosts just let them make the claims and move on.

People on this forum sound much more real to me… :slight_smile: