RealEstatebull, you may be on to something

With this expansion, maybe Newark may be the target city to hit in advance of the buildup…

The two new office buildings would hold up to 6,400 employees and the hotel would be staffed with 150 workers. Built in two phases, construction on the project – if approved – is expected to be completed by 2020.

Wait, if stocks goes like this further more, a lot of changes will happen to Facebook and Google too. Many expansions were held by IT companies , but not from real estate companies


Kudos to you. This site has nice interface with smart phone updates. Easier than old Redfin forum!!!

@sfdragonboy, thanks for sharing.

I did some more research on Newark, FB is the only shining light. The city is not very progressive,in last 30 years not a lot of development, new construction. Just in 2 years, around 1000 homes were constructed. Still a lot of blue collar folks. Thornton ave which is the main street looks very shady. The new home site is on a toxic filled chemicals site that builder says is quarantined and I spoke to city manager and he says the environmental agency certified the site, it is next to a lot of industrial buildings and the marsh land.

So, do I believe Newark will change in 10-20 years yes. Do I want to bet on it now = NO.

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No problem! I like it too…

Maybe bet on north Fremont instead? It still has tons of upsides to be had. It’s setting itself up as Detroit 2.0.

Dang it, @RealEstatebull and I was going to PM you with an offer to go in 50/50 on a multi unit building there…:wink:

Ok, we go alone then…

I am NOT a Facebook user, but they have a serious worldwide following. They will be around for awhile. I don’t follow their stock like the gurus here but I seem to recall they are doing fabulous financially. That is all I need to know for now. If they are in expansion mode, whom am I to go against that? All I am seeing is again, as Manch mentioned, Fremont continuing to do well, but Nework may be next up down the food chain…

Ping me if you change your mind…:wink:

WUT? What do you use?

How about Union City?

I don’t do that sh*t… (pardon my language, Obi One…)

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@sfdragonboy did you look at some specific ones, and better to wait for an year given the economic uncertainty? Always interested in good opportunities.

You know, there’s this thing called a living room. And restaurants. And bars. And coffee shops. And you can like, go and see people in person. Where you get to have a real conversation with a real human being who you can really see and you know that you’re actually talking to a 30 year old mother of two rather than someone who says they’re a 30 year old mother of two, but is actually a 50 year old man trying to stalk people. :stuck_out_tongue:

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WUT??? Who are you people???

I don’t know if you’re going to survive the next power outage.


The only somewhat example I can think of is the city of Emeryville. Emeryville used to be nothing. A waste land. A place literally between here and there. Ok, so they finally get their sh*t together and voila there is an actual city there now. Why can’t that be Newark? Doesn’t every city like money? Shoot, even progressive Berkeley with their hippies changed their tune once money crept into the equation.

Again, the folks here eloquently sashay for the rest of us of how great the South Bay is, so let’s go with that. Where are all those new Facebook employees gonna live? They can’t afford to buy there since it is freaking expensive right? Despite their nice starting 6 figure salaries, right? So, they will either rent at exorbinant prices OR do the smart thing (they are known for that after all, since they were hired by FB after all) they will venture out to cheaper climes. If there is a bridge between work and home, why not? Young folks with no kids so the school thing that everyone here likes to hang their hats on is NOT an immediate concern, right?

Again, buy low sell HIGH. Don’t overthink it.

If this is the investment objective, for real estate there is a special rule called “Location, Location and Location”, do not forget it.


If this forum is thinking that there is a slowdown already in RE & there will be a recession in 1-2-3 years(depending on whom you ask), Newark is probably a long term and not a short term(less than 5 years) Real Estate investment.

Again, I’m a RE noob. So, just my opinion.

no mention of union city? !? folks please buy in union city.

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I like those newer development area in Union City (Ponderosa landing or something?) and it has good elementary school too but they might be too high already. Other than that, any decent place there?

talavera ponderosa landing and one gated walled community across from union landing