Really, Will Reali Work Here In The Bay Area?

Seems like redfin 2.0 with some minor upgrades. Redfin didn’t set the world on fire.

I’ve seen them camping out of an open house and trying to talk to buyers.

I’m a hustler baby. I just want you to know.

All these high tech RE firms are missing the mark widely. People need lots of hand holding buying the biggest asset in their lives. More tech doesn’t help.

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How about experienced investors like you? What if the future is towards more investors like you? Hardly any first-time buyers?

I don’t think we will ever get to a state where most property deals are bought by investors. That’d mean the death of American dream and politicians will step in long before that.

But anyway, how does a seller save with Reali? It seems sellers pay 4% commission with Reali? Or did I miss something? How does the new way save money? 4% is what sellers pay anyway in the Bay Area. Many agents can go even lower.

From my sis inlaw’s experience recently in selling, seems 5% is the semi standard going rate with at least the big boys. Yes, everything is negotiable to a degree…

This cat agrees with you…

I said it long ago, Redfin missed the opportunity to turn his website in a pay to click site. They could have asked Home cheapo, Lowe’s and so on to place their ads online. But no!

Everyone here craps on redfin, yet this is where most of us migrated from. Maybe they haven’t hit the mark yet from a monetization strategy, but they made a great online experience.


Agreed! Redfin’s emails/notifications to me are formatted in a way I like. Hey, the price is right…

What goes through the VC mind to give away $5M is beyond me. Z loses $15M a month. So let the tech uses up its money quickly adios.

Smart locks it will be too risky local board will not tolerate it. The Supra locks are operated by those with a license in good standing and finger printed.

I just noticed 2 listings by Reali:

and the neighbor 995 Los Robles is also listed with them.