Recession not likely before 2021, housing economists say

According to three guys talking in a home builders conference… :roll_eyes:

Economists are usually wrong. So recession most likely before 2021.

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Have you sold all your Aapl yet?

If there is recession, it must come soon. FED perm.stopped rate hike and align to stop balance sheet reduction before end of year. IMO,it must be before the election 2020. The new president (even if it Trump) has to resolve the economic issue thereafter.

Whatever I am hearing, FED permanently keeping the short term rates for 5 or more years until long term 10 year treasuries going up. This is financially stressful season for real estate.

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Yes, no purchase of real estate or stocks. Cash is king. Waiting to pick up semis and clouds for pretty pennies.

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Good read and I like their chart.

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Here after, this kind of news will often come until S&P 500 reaches temporary bottom scaring the retail investors panic selling.

This is very common…Let us wait and see the fun.