Recommendation on app or software for rental management?

Is there any good app or software people use for rental management? There should be something better than spreadsheet

I have used Excel and Quick books.

You have quicken, i have not used it, which seems smaller version of quickbooks. I prefer quickbooks for corp company accounts and rental homes.

Quick books, clean record keeping, easy to summarize yearly statements for tax purposes with many kinds of reporting to find profit and loss. You can store invoices, bills etc.

Cons: License cost and laborious record keeping. I paid $150 one time licensing, standalone version for multiple accounts, used it 3 years. Internet cloud version costs $20-$25/month, but limited to one account only. Nowadays, I do not find time maintain record keeping,multiple accounts, except keeping scanned copy of receipts and invoices.

This is the best when we maintain clean record keeping.

Reverted back to old style of files and folders and summarized using excel. Now, I use quickbooks for check printing alone.

I use Numbers on MacBook Pro. Works like magic!!!

I also use that to keep track of my budgets and assets!

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This was one of my old threads on the subject. I could have sworn I did a few of these but I can’t find them now…

sfdragonboyAug '16

PM does the tedious task of record keeping.
Numbers for analysis of viability of potential rentals and tracking of expenses of acquired rentals.

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