Redwood City, Come On Down!


Yes, RWC has been desirable for awhile now, but articles like this ain’t gonna turn off the masses…

@Terri, if it is going to be RWC…


OMG, I have been eyeing RWC for future buy !




I dont want to sound like a school snob but i find it difficult to pay >1.5m and then send your kids to private school.


people are asking, 'Why would I go to Menlo Park and pay $4 to $5 million when I can be in Redwood City for $2 million or less than that. And the schools are slowly getting better."

That’s why people in middle America hate us. “Best Value” means 2M for a 1500 ft house that’s 70 years old.


Welcome to the Bay Area. Even if you have some money, you’ll feel poor…