Redwood City Houses

This is either seriously underpriced or a sign of the times:

$995K for a 3BR/2BA 1800 sq ft. Does look like it needs a bit of modernization (space heater in BR?) Neighborhood isn’t great but isn’t bad either. I’m guessing it’ll go for $1.1M as Redfin predicts, but if it doesn’t, things may very well be cooling down.

Zillow rent estimate is $4,195. Is that fair?

Maybe it could be due to the San Francisco/San Mateo market getting too expensive. The may jobs report just came out and Santa Clara County added 5,800 jobs while the San Francisco/San Mateo area lost 2200. It may be that working in the second largest city in the bay area is getting too expensive for even tech workers and jobs are moving south.

This is list price though so let’s see where it ends up selling for. It is decent and clean but old kitchen and bathrooms. Not sure if those windows are recently done ones or old aluminum ones.

I expect it to go a bit more but probably not too much more.

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I dunno. It’s really close to Facebook. Normally, though, I’d have said $3200-$3500 max for that neighborhood.

[EDIT: I am wrong. Facebook is by Willow Rd., not Marsh Rd. I thought this was literally bikable/walkable to Facebook, but no, just bikable.]

That’s pretty odd. Redwood City seems to be adding tech jobs by the thousands–Box just opened and Google is opening soon if it hasn’t already. Wonder why they lump San Mateo and SF together. They’re really very different entities.

So I went to see the place. It is priced appropriately for the abnormal layout. The couch-bed looking thing is a walk-through bedroom. Also, the sunroom counts towards the 1800 sq ft. Nicely done, but still a sunroom.

It’s essentially a 2BR/2BA with bonus room and finished/enclosed sun room.

The renovations were interesting, though. Looked to me like someone spray painted or refinished a tile counter similar to refinishing a tub–grout and all. Although kitchen is original, it’s not in too bad shape.


Were there hoards of people there?

Good question. No. There appears to have been one family there at opening, me, and one other couple looking. That said, I got there right at opening and stayed at most 10-15 minutes.

I am assuming that was yesterday or today? Bad day, it’s Father’s Day so folks are out honoring the man of the house instead of house hunting. Still, it should go for over 1M but not a lot over considering it does need some remodeling. I agree with you, RWC is nice and I would love to be down there with lil sis but wifey would not like the commute to the city.

Today 2pm. True it is Father’s day.

I think it may just go for $1M. They did paint and replace carpet, and is ready to move in. If it were me, I’d eventually get rid of the space heater in the added bedroom and extend the forced air heat from the main house, but honestly, the house was fine as is minus the painted-100-times kitchen cabinet doors. Bathrooms were fine–not the old 1960s pink and blue crap. Pretty tasteful. I think the LR/DR had solid wood floors–either that, or they’ve figured out how to make what looks like solid oak floors with mildly hand-scraped-like dips. They weren’t just flat.

Ok… What the heck?

@Elt1, why isn’t this selling?

It went on in 2014 at $2.5 or so, down to $2.29, then off, then on at $1.999M, then off in 4/2015. Now back on at $2.29M. One of the lowest price per square feet in RWC.

I saw the house, it’s nice inside. Aside from the steep hill to get the garage. Seems like it should’ve sold at the 1.99M price.

In my opinion, from looking at the pics in Zillow, the look inside is dated and would require some remodeling. Perhaps that turned off some people at that price point who were expecting the place to be nice and in move in condition?

This is a horrible house,Springdale, on and off market for years. …4 stories, no usable yard , nightmare driveway…Nightmare owner who hires the biggest looser listing whores…Deborah Chelini and the current listing agent John Seiling…total scumbag…
This house would best used as a rooming house. .not user friendly for a family with young kids and elderly parents…

I agree the driveway was a nightmare. I wasn’t sure if I was going to crash into the open house agent’s car on the way out. I figured I’m kind of a wimp though when it comes to parking on hills.